Useful Facebook Apps For Web Designers

When it comes to creating your own Facebook fan page or one for your clients, as a web designer, you are always looking for something to help you stand out from the crowd 識男仔. Facebook apps can help you to do this, but what are the most useful apps for website design?

  • Addicted to Photoshop

This app is one of many created by Brusheezy and is marketed as giving users access to popular Photoshop brushes on patterns right on Facebook 聊天室. Even though designers should know how to use and own Photoshop software, this app is handy for quickly altering images that have already been uploaded to Facebook.

  • Dexigner

This app is a handy design directory that displays the latest design news on just about any area in the industry, right on your Facebook page 識男仔. Not only does it help keep you up to date, it can let your fans know what you’re interested in at the moment. This app, however, is generally more useful for those people working in the web design industry.

  • Flickr Photosets

If you or your client has a Flickr profile to display some of your work, you can now show it off on your Facebook page. The app allows you to select from your most recent photos, reasonably recent photos or random photos, as well as a filtering option that allows you to select photos based on specific tags.

  • My Merch Store

This app has been created in conjunction with Zazzle, an online store, which enables you to sell your merchandise through your Facebook fan page. If you have an online store through your website, why not consider getting your web designer to run a secondary store through your Facebook page?

  • Ultimate Vision Board

This app is designed to display your goals or aims in a visual way, helping to make your Facebook fan page more aesthetically pleasing. Whilst this app is more useful for people working in the web design industry, it can be easily utilised by anyone doing anything creative. Why not post images of your latest project or inspirations, keeping your fans up to date on what you’re up to?

  • zuPort: Flickr

This app is currently one of the most useful available for web designers at the moment, as customization is its main feature. You are able to pick how many photos you want to display on your Facebook fan page, how the photos are displayed, and so on. This is a great way to show off your latest work and projects.

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