Gmail is a Free Email Service

Gmail is a free email service. There are security practices, which make it one of the safest and the best service providers. All information provided when you use Gmail is treated with strict security. The security experts and the developers at Google have put in their best efforts to give you the most secure email service. You just need to create a Google account to access these services.

The developers use various measures to provide you the best security สมัคร gmail. To protect your Gmail account from unauthorized access, you have to provide some personal information such as alternate contact number and a password. Certain information about your use of Gmail gets recorded automatically when you are using it’s services.

In Gmail services, emails can be selected and searched much quicker and faster as compared to other email service providers. Not only this, it also offers its users a huge storage space that no other email service provider offers. It allows it’s users to invite friends and family members to join them on Gmail chat. In the initial period, they are allowed to send 50 invites. In later stages, they also have the facility to send the invites to 100 people also. Is it not great?

The best part of Gmail is the skin or Interface. The color combination, which is largely blue, has been used in Gmail. It is done so keeping in mind the preference and comfort level of the customers. The color blue is very soothing to eyes. It allows you to display that you’ve sent an email from a completely different email address, however all the time you use Gmail only. The person at the receiving end never realizes that you have used it to send the mail. Gmail allows you to chat with friends from within, even if you do not have Google Talk installed on a computer. This is a feature that has made these services more popular among the users across the world.

You can easily open Documents, Spreadsheets and presentations with the help of its services. This service is not provided by most top email service providers.

In Gmail, you can view and check for the mails you have received at other email accounts. You can also get the new and old mails from five other mail accounts and have them all in Gmail. You can also create customized “from” address which enables you to send messages from Gmail.

You can chat with multiple people without multiple windows here. You can also invite your friends for a group session. Gmail has a feature that helps you to carry the to-do-list everywhere. When you have clicked the “send” tab even when you are not ready with the mail, you can cancel sending the mail and edit before sending it. You can also express with emoticons through it’s options and smiley codes. You can also organize your email better with colored labels. To assign a color, click the color swatch next to each label.

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