A Warhammer Online Guide to Combat

This Warhammer Online guide will go over some of the basics in the combat system. The Warhammer Online combat system has been receiving plenty of praise during the beta testing.

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Tactics and Morale are both important aspects that really need to be understood. Tactics are passive enhancements, while morale ae usable abilities that come in four ranks. You gain morale by being in combat. The better you or your group is doing, the faster morale will build up judi slot terpercaya . The more your morale bar fills up, the harder it will be to gain more morale. The lowest rank will use 25% of the morale meter, the next rank will use 50%, the one after that will use 75%, and the highest rank will use 100%. You will need balance out when to use the lower rank abilities and when to save up for highest rank ability.

Tactics can be bought with points gained from leveling and can only be changed while out of combat. You can only slot a limited number of tactics at a time, so you will want to chose the tactics before each battle that you feel would be of the most use for that fight. The three basic types of tactics are career, renown (RvR), and tome (PvE).

As in most all MMOGs, you will be able to group with other players. A group, or party, can be up to six players. Warbands (Raids) will allow multiple parties to join together for up to a maximum of 48 players.

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