How To Create a Magnetic Blog In 4 Easy Steps!

Blogging is a convenient way to share your thoughts with others. Simply put its an online diary that is constantly updated. It is also a method adopted by companies who blog to maximise the amount of traffic and therefore business on their web sites. As well as increasing traffic to their blogs there are other goals sought by bloggers. Mainly bloggers want to build a loyal base of visitors that return regularly for more. There is no secret to doing this if you follow these four simple ways you can build a blog so “magnetic” that readers or customers return to read your blog – both personal blogs and business based ones.

1.) Keep your blog updated

People don’t want to read old news, to get them to return you must update your blog regularly. Most successful blogs with loyal readers are those updated daily In fact some blog writers will update several times a day. You will lose readers interest in what you have to say if they have to wait days for new entries. You will only get out of a blog what you actually put in, if you make the effort then so will your readers.

Secret tip! An easy and more fun way to update your blog and engage your readers in your site is to give them something interactive to enjoy. A great way is by giving a poll to your readers requesting their feedback. This can also give you an insight into different topics to blog about and also improve your writing skills, whilst showing your readers that their opinion is important to you.

2.) Get involved in web communities

Involving yourself in web communities and discussion forums creates opportunities to promote your blog. Do this in your signature and profile and it will help keep readers visit and return back to your site. It is a great way to get new readers when you do this with relatively little effort. Your loyalty to other peoples blogs is important as then it is easier to request them to visit your site. A good tip is to leave nice comments about their site regularly and you will find they will willingly visit your site. If you find bloggers with whom you share mutual interests and the same reader profile, you can even share your blog links on your site.

3.) Know your readership

Another vital way to keep blog readers returning for more is to understand who reads your blog and write content that is targeted to them. If your readership is mainly business people then you will want to use more formal professional language and concentrate on ways to help improve their business. If your readership is parent based who like advice and shared experiences, then you will want to write in a much more informal manner, relaying tips and topical information. You can get a detailed understanding of your readers interests by including areas for their comments, encouraging them to contact you by email, and by taking polls and asking people what they would be interested in reading about.

4.) Always use related keywords in your tags

You can increase readership and help keep your readers returning by tagging related keywords in your blog entries. When you gain enough links to your website and are blogging regularly, the chances of getting ranked highly in the search results is significantly improved. This is a fantastic way of attracting new readers – getting ranked in the search engines helps gain you expertise and credibility. Blogging has become a very popular activity and one your business ignores at its peril! It is the way to become a perceived expert in any topic. So to make your blog “magnetic” and shout out against the millions of other blogs, keep your readers hooked and returning for more everyday by updating your entries, participating in online communities, knowing your readers and including related keywords.

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