Benefits of Blogging

Blogging has been around for years now and a good percentage of netizens have already tried their hand at blogging. Others have grown out of it, while others have invested time and energy that their blogs have become a source of income. If you have never tried blogging, you might want to consider the benefits of the sport of online literature that is blogging.

Blogging is typically used for publishing an online diary. Composing a journal entry and publishing it online for everyone to see can be rewarding especially when you know that there is someone out there who is interested in your life, and is going through something similar in their life pii_email_ca406694fa91d858906c . It is also a form of networking with other bloggers, and if you join a blogosphere (blogging community), you will receive comments from people who enjoy blogging or reading blogs. It is a great way to make new friends online.

Although journal writing is what most people do with blogs online, its purpose is certainly not limited to that only. Over the years, companies have added a blog section to their websites where they can update their customers with the latest news from their end. This is very useful and informative, as customers are able to be informed at their own will. Companies don’t have to spam their clients with newsletters, as blogs are equally useful but less invasive.

Blogs are used by scholars who enjoy publishing the latest information about their chosen specialty. Blogs are generally set up in a way that they can be socially bookmarked if the particular post is a recommended read. Visitors can also comment on every post. Blog layouts are also very simple to browse, so it is not limited to the computer literate population.

A fun way to blog is to fill up a site with collaborative content. Friends can all have user accounts, and everyone can blog whenever they want to. The contents are made public to each author’s circle of friends, and everyone can contribute either a post or a comment.

The “Web Blog”- aka Blog- has more utilitarian functions than merely “a daily composition or essay comprising one’s own ‘take’ on news, society, and life itself”.

Blogs nowadays are such “literary masterpieces”; a true testament to general improvements in writing and editing prowess; hence one tends to assume that bloggers are showcasing their best journalistic stylings for some profound reason; maybe: to achieve monetary gain, or even to cop a job with some magazine company.

Disappointingly this is not always the case: Some bloggers are just writing aimlessly- the articles mostly benefiting the “followers” of the blogs- not the bloggers, themselves. Tactically used, a blog can be a source of income for any blogger. In fact, to not understand how utilitarian a blog can be is to not conceive of its full potential and if I may say, at the risk of sounding deprecating, would therefore be a waste of talent, time and resources.

If you already have a blog, update it at least once a week or more, and have a dedicated league of “followers”, then chances are you may have the ability to convert some of your followers to “paying customers”. But what are the steps to take in order to make your blog more utilitarian?

Step 1: Redefine your blog’s mission.┬áMeaning, try writing down in point form the main aims you wish to accomplish with the blog. Try writing a mission statement if you like; because this form of strategizing adjuncts that of the marketing ace, you now aspire to be.

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