Home Sweet Home – Waging a War on Germs

I recently viewed a program that discussed the topic of the dangers of hidden germs. What I learned horrified and disgusted me but in no way surprised me. I have always suspected that the public is at best lax when it comes to hygienic principals, but this doesn’t mean that with a few quick tips and tricks you can’t at least be on top of your own home environment.

Your grandmother was right when she used to say fresh air cures all. It has been proven that the circulation of air kills germs. Germs cannot survive at extreme temperatures Gebäudereinigung Adelebsen. The colder the better. Which is why I am a firm believer that unless a child is dreadfully ill, everyone should be outdoors in cold winter months, if even for 10 minutes. We all know that winter months are brutal on our health because the germs are breeding rapidly in a heat filled atmosphere.

Cleanliness is next to godliness-this is true as well. The more sanitized your home is-particularly areas that invite germs (bathroom, kitchen, playroom) the less the opportunity they are to breed. I can commiserate with every Mom that bemoans the fate of the dreaded housekeeping chores, but I find that if I look at it as part of a daily routine i.e. teeth brushing, I get the job done. The idea is to multi-task and set priorities. My home is by no means the neatest as there are toys strewn everywhere but it is sanitary. When I use the bathroom, I take a moment to clean the toilet, wipe down the sink and change the garbage bag. I constantly wipe down counter tops in the kitchen, sweep the floor while my son is playing spray the refrigerator handles and wash the microwave plate as I’m running out the door.

As an educator I learned that by switching children out of play clothes and into a new set of clothes after school reduced their chance of getting sick. This intrigued me, so I researched this theory and found that once again the old ideas are still the best. In grandmothers day children had two sets of clothes; their play clothes and their school clothes. I now abide by this rule and have my son promptly remove his daycare outfit and deposit in the laundry. I may do more laundry overall, but it makes sense that a child would bring home germs on his clothing. I know some people who remove their shoes and tell others to do the same. I combat this problem with the steam machine. I will devote an entire paragraph to the benefits of steam cleaning in just a moment. I carry small bottles of anti-bacterial wash in the car, my pocketbook, diaper bag etc. I make sure to use it when we have been in public places such as the library, park, mall and of course the doctor’s office! (One of the easiest places to get sick).

Medical Security in schools is surely one of the most important issues on the minds of parents and school staff. What are some of the medical safety issues that really need to be addressed to ensure a proper line of defense? What pre-planning can be established so that the staff who first encounters a problem will know how to respond.

Realistically speaking, most early childhood programs are populated by two rather defenseless populations: young children and the women who are caring for those young children. School is a fun place where children come to play and learn. And school is a dangerous place where slips and falls, and different substances such as cleaning supplies or ordinary food could become deadly. We need to help teachers become competent and diligent in recognizing areas where prevention can help. We also need to ensure teachers are adequately trained to handle the specific emergencies that commonly arise in a child care center.

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