Why Project Management Matters

When I tell people that I’m a Project Manager, I often get an initial “Oh….neat!” response which is usually followed by a comment that is something along the lines of “So….what exactly do you do?” Occasionally if I’m speaking with a Software Developer I may get a mild snarl, a clear sign PMP certification .

What this tells me is that not only is there a ways to go before the practice of Project Management is understood; but even further to go before it is valued more widely than it is now. For how can something be properly valued if it isn’t truly understood?

This is of course not to say that the practice of Project Management isn’t widely appreciated in many organizations. Indeed, a large number of companies have implemented Project Management Offices, the Project.

Management Institute is exploding in popularity, and it certainly seems that the number of Project Management openings out-numbers the supply of Project Managers. However, it is often times larger organizations that have adopted this practice, and in an economy.

where just under half of the work-force is employed by small businesses there are a significant number of organizations that have never used Project Managers, and even more employees that have never worked with a Project Manager. Ironically, it is small businesses that could quickly and painlessly reap the benefits of Project Management.

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