What Determines Antique Doll Values

Age – It may surprise you that age is not the determining factor in considering value of an antique doll. Certainly, if a doll is rare as well as old, the value increases ラブドール. Is the doll readily available? Is the doll a one of a kind? It is interesting to note, that many 20th century mass produced dolls are more valuable than older, rarer dolls.

Completely Original? – If an antique doll is completely original, including all body parts, wig, eyes, clothing etc. it is much more valuable than many dolls we find today, that are “put together” dolls. This means that the doll has been recreated using an assortment of genuine antique parts, but the parts are not original to the actual doll. Finding a completely original doll today is becoming harder and harder to find, so don’t pass up a beautiful doll just because her clothing or wig may not be original.

Quality of the Doll – Two doll heads from the same doll mold can look very different, and have equally different values. The talent of the artist painting the dolls had a lot to do with this. Always select the best quality of a particular mold that you can find. Look for uniform painting, smooth clear bisque, realistic coloring and nicely set eyes. Avoid dolls with unevenly painted brows and lips, black spots in the porcelain and eyes that are not set properly, often giving dolls a cross eyed appearance.

Size – As a rule of thumb, larger versions of the same mold will be more valuable than their smaller counterparts. This is only a guideline, and collectors of small dolls (such as myself) will often argue this point. Expect to pay more for large dolls, or have your large dolls valued higher than smaller versions.

Clothing – The most desirable clothing on your doll is of course original clothing in good condition. If you are fortunate enough to have original clothing on your doll, don’t be tempted to redress her simply to match a room, or to “freshen her up”. If you simply must replace her clothing, keep the original clothing wrapped in acid free paper, and stored in a dark, cool place. Make sure as well that you label the package according to what doll it belongs to. If the doll has no clothing, or is not original, be sure to dress it in fabrics and of the fashion popular when the doll was made.

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