Kentucky Football Recruits – How Are UK Football Recruits Progressing?

Kentucky football recruits are getting better and better under Rich Brooks. Under Brooks, recruits xem bong da truc tuyen , such as Derrick Locke, Trevard Lindley, Braxton Kelley, Ashton Cobb, and others have elevated UK’s presence in College Football.

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Last year, Braxton Kelley made the winning tackle against LSU to seal a victory in Lexington, KY. This is one of the major reasons the UK is having new found success. They have new recruits that have been taught to believe in the UK football program and ignore a spotty history of season flubs. Hal Mumme brought in some low-character recruits and Guy Morris didn’t really have time to establish a program. But give Brooks credit, he and his staff have been patiently signing great Kentucky football recruits, and more importantly, great students with good character.

The recruits are now taken on a elaborate tours of UK’s practice facility and the CATS center, which is their academic center for athletes. UK has one of the highest graduation rates in the SEC. This is very attractive to many Kentucky recruits because many of them know they won’t play in the NFL so they value a quality education as much as their football career.

The modern day of recruiting is so competitive in the SEC that UK has used some unconventional methods to lure big time prospects. For one, Coach Brooks has allowed a few Kentucky football recruits to run track and play football at UK. Many SEC football programs would never allow a great player to play two sports because they fear injuries. Derrick Locke found his way to UK from Oklahoma when other programs lost interest after learning his love affair with track. Now, he’s become one of the best football recruits and could become one of the top SEC running backs.

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